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november 2018

Pippa Dyrlaga

Forgotten Moments from Someone Else’s Life

Each piece of work is carefully hand cut from an original vintage photograph from a collection acquired through market stalls and online auctions. I call these the forgotten photographs, ones that have been separated from their original owners, precious memories of lives since past. A photograph is a precious object, full of memory and value.

These contain special moments worthy of being recorded in a stranger’s life, important life events or every day activities, something to treasure and remember, a snapshot and proof of a person’s existence. In my work, I celebrate these stranger’s moments and breathe new life into them, making them objects to be treasured again. This is a personal and ongoing series of work and every photograph I have collected is catalogued and scanned in its original state, from which I hope to create an online social history archive.

Pippa Dyrlaga is a paper artist based in Hebden Bridge. Her primary medium is paper, using traditional techniques to create contemporary works. After discovering paper cutting whilst studying for her Masters in Art and Design in 2009, she has been working with the medium since. Her work in the last 10 years has included pieces that have been exhibited in the US, Europe, China and across the UK, and has been featured worldwide in print and online. Pippa also works as a children’s book illustrator, print maker and uses her paper cuts in commercial commissions. Instagram: @bearfollowscat Facebook: bearfollowscat Twitter: bearfollowscat

Nicholas Vaughan

Ghosts of 84-85

This series of work is part of Clinker, 1984-85, a project in which I created a visual art’s response to the 1980’s UK mining strike. The work is being reshown at The Bowery Gallery with an updated text that brings the identities of the separate characters together, through a narrative that explores the political and social environment surrounding their existence as inspiration.

The ‘Ghosts of 84-85’ play with the idea of media-misrepresentation and the fact that any piece of information communicated can be altered or manipulated. Using a mixed media technique developed by myself, the work attempts to combine a multiplicity of individualities to produce personalities that merge conflicting interests and dilute the lines between each side of the argument.

Nicholas Vaughan is a visual artist with a varied practice from sculpture to drawing and installations, often developing fictional texts to illustrate his artwork. After receiving his degree in Sculpture from Wolverhampton University (2001) he moved to London where he completed an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design (2002). His work has been shown in shows throughout Europe, including at The Corner House Gallery in Manchester and Imperial College in London as well as at Gliwice Museum in Poland. He is currently based at The Arthouse Wakefield.

Twitter: @Nicholas Vaughan

Instagram: nick_vaughan_


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