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india ritchie

medium - print


india ritchie is an artist based in plymouth uk. her practice explores cultural notions of order and disorder, and her work has been exhibited throughout the uk, europe, the usa and japan.

'souniemi (the finnish house)' is a body of work produced in response to a 1900's summerhouse in tampere finland. the house is still owned by the family which built it in 1908, the interior still bearing many of its original features. the running of the house is still reliant on local natural resources. water for washing is still fetched from the lake, and the stove is wood burning. however, over the past hundred years, guests and extended family have introduced modern elements alongside period ones.

the series of prints which accompanies this project not only juxtaposes life at the finnish house with life in the uk, but aims to celebrate the rich history embedded in the interior of the tampere house.




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