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harriet lawton

medium - ceramics

harriet graduated from embroidery at manchester in 2013. since graduating she has exhibited at various exhibitions including new designers, traces and FRESH at the british ceramics biennial. she has also completed a commission for the whitworth gallery's tactile too archive.

harriet lawton explores the significance of china objects and fragments, attempting to highlight their ornate beauty whilst also communicating their narrative. previous work series have focused upon pieces of ceramic waste gathered from the waste piles of stoke’s industries, or the various souvenirs which collectively represent her grandparent’s life together.

in her ceramic work, plates are water-jet cut to reveal the hidden lace-like qualities and bold decorative motifs of their surface. this exploration informs her out-sized textile trompe l’oeil plates which emulate the ceramic surface on a monumental scale. here ceramic is replaced by digitally-printed fabric which is manipulated through flocking, foiling and bonding processes to achieve a 3d quality.
ultimately Harriet’s work plays with a crossover of materials, creating illusions through scale and process which cause the viewer to question what is textile and what is ceramic?





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