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colin park

medium - print


colin Park born 1948, started work as a forester at the age of thirteen and at the age of seventeen took on a five year apprenticeship as a house painter. he then went self-employed until the age of forty six when he went to charles rennie mcintosh glasgow school of art where he completed a four year degree course and one year course at lancaster university. he spent a month at chengdu university in china under the instruction of professor xiang silou in woodcut printmaking. while studying in glasgow he took private anatomical drawing lessons under the tutelage of neil mcdonald. here in galloway he was instructed in sculpting by the late hideo furuta. it has been seriously noted that adjoining these skills cannot and does not allow his work to stagnate. the work in his studio progresses and changes every six months.

there is an uncompromising determination in everything he does. he has currently been invited to take part in an art residency at china guanlan printmaking base in china by the director of guanlan international biennial printmaking.

colin works in kirkcudbright, south west scotland.




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