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bryony good

medium - photopgraphy

born in cardiff and brought up in hebden bridge west yorkshire, bryony good’s photography reflects the desolate beauty of the landscape she’s grown up with.

bryony found photographic art as her medium during her foundation at bradford college and had since been exploring the language of photography through the experimental use of photographic practice and mixed media.

nostalgia became a theme of her work since studying representations of the north in her photography degree. exploring representations of the north inevitably led her to attempt representations of her own.

using fotodyes she has transformed photographic images into photo-based art that comments upon both the medium it is created from and the subjects it portrays.

working with analogue techniques and exploring both the nostalgic subject matter of the landscape and the nostalgic use of analogue and darkroom practices bryony's photographs aim to create a tension between the comfort of nostalgia and the strange, uncontained experience of memory and homesickness.

the effect of this is often surreal, uneasy or atmospheric, engaging the viewer with her conflicting emotions.




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